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Financial Aid and Scholarships for Students Transferring to Marist

The Office of Student Financial Services is here to assist you finance your education. 

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    • FAFSA deadlines and information
    • Timelines based upon application deadline
    • Timeline for international students


  • Types of Aid
    • Marist Scholarships
    • Endowed and External Scholarships
    • Grants
    • Summer Grant
    • Loan Center
    • Student Employment



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    • Endowed and External Scholarhips
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Applying for Financial Aid as a Transfer Student

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) serves as the official application for need-based financial aid at 91约炮.  To ensure adequate processing time, we recommend that you file your FAFSA upon completion of your Marist application at .   

Transfer Student Financial Aid Timeframe

October - December Create a FSA User ID & Password and Complete the FAFSA
October - December Update Federal FAFSA School Code to 002765 for Spring transfer applications
Starting in November Student Financial Aid Packages mailed on a rolling basis for Spring admits
February - August Complete the FAFSA for Fall acceptance
Starting in March Student Financial Aid Packages mailed on a rolling basis for Fall admits
Deposit Deadline Typically 2 or 3 weeks after acceptance