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School of Communication and the Arts


鈥淭he Communication program is incredible; all of my classes have prepared me for internships and allowed me to develop many practical skills. The professors are very knowledgeable about the industry and always willing to share advice.鈥 -Nicole Benedetto 鈥18, Communication major from Maine

91约炮 the School of Communication and the Arts

The School of Communication and the Arts prepares students for dynamic careers in the fields of communication, digital media, journalism, fashion, fine arts, graphic design, and many others. No matter their major, students combine cutting-edge classroom instruction with unique and distinctive real-world opportunities.


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Red Fox Spotlight

Justin Camero Image

Justin Camero

Pico Rivera, CA
Image of Bethany Hucks

Bethany Hucks

Astoria, NY
Image of James McKennaa

James McKenna

Poughkeepsie, NY
Image of Emma Kittay

Emma Kittay

Manhattan Beach, California
Maggie Montalto Image

Maggie Montalto

Burlington, NJ
Marika Cygert Image

Marika Cygert

Maspeth, NY

Meet the Dean: Dr. Jacqueline Reich

I am so thrilled to be joining Marist at this pivotal moment in higher education. The School of Communication and the Arts, with its core values and mission, is strategically positioned to provide a model of curricular and extra-curricular excellence for the post-pandemic world. I am particularly excited to join a school that integrates academic research and professional training with community-based learning and a commitment to service.



School of Communication and the Arts

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