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Hudson River Valley Life


Just Follow the River

The Hudson River Valley is known for its rich landscapes, sustainable-foods, diverse culture, and has a wide variety of vibrant cities and historic towns. Follow your sense of adventure, find great food around every corner, engage with a proud community, and be a part of history right at 91约炮 in the heart of the Hudson River Valley.

Marist has created partnerships with IBM, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Presidential Library in Hyde Park, and the Institute of Ecosystem Studies in Millbrook, offering students and faculty opportunities to collaborate with these world-renowned leaders in business, history, and ecology. In addition, the College has initiated several innovative programs that provide students with unique learning opportunities, such as the Marist Institute for Public Opinion and the Marist Bureau of Economic Research

Under Construction: Hudson Heritage

Directly up the road from the Marist campus comes "the Hudson Valley鈥檚 preeminent open-air, walkable, intergenerational community." The 156-acre site is creating opportunities for residential, hotel, medical and other properties, as well as a 153,000-square-foot retail shopping village. Hudson Heritage will include ample commercial space, 750 residential units, and 150 hotel units. The following establishments are currently located at Hudson Heritage:

Shop Rite

CVS Pharmacy



Jersey Mike's

Smoothie King

Burger King


Discover What's Around Town

From resturants within walking distance to local outdoor attractions, discover what's in the area with our helpful guide.

Along with the art exhibits that take place in our Steel Plant fashion and art galleries and our several theatre performances each semester, there are a number of museums, galleries, and performing arts centers right in Marist鈥檚 backyard. The , the , and the  are perfect examples of arts and museum attractions in Dutchess County. Just 2 miles from Marist, you can also find the historical - distinctly known for being the oldest continuously operating theater in New York State.  And just across the Hudson boasts the 500-acre, outdoor . Browse a more of museums and art centers in the Hudson River Valley.

image of people at Four Brothers Drive-in


Aside from the movies frequently shown on campus, the Hudson River Valley is a hub of great cinematic experiences. Two movie theaters are located a stone鈥檚 throw from campus; the  in Hyde Park and the in Poughkeepsie. Film buffs rejoice because only a little bit further is the annual , described as a 鈥渉aven for those who love independent and challenging cinema,鈥 and the beloved  located in Amenia. Browse  of movie theaters near Marist.

Concerts and Coffeehouses

Marist hosts annual concerts with top artists like Jason Derulo and Goo Goo Dolls, as well as open mic coffeehouses for smaller student performances. But the concert scene is incredibly active off-campus, too. From small local venues like , showcasing bands like All Time Low, to major music landmarks like  featuring performers like Pentatonix and Pat Benatar, there is always a surplus of music events to attend in the area.

image of Gourmet Dining sandwich options

While Marist dining offers an impressive variety of food options on campus, the restaurant scene in the Hudson River Valley is incomparable. Known for its sustainable foods and farm-to-table eateries, the region is home to a vast array of culinary experiences. It certainly helps that some of the best chefs in the country come from , located just up the street from the Marist campus. Right here in Poughkeepsie is everything from small-town delis to gourmet and global cuisines from every corner of the world. Check out the .


The Hudson River Valley is known for its population of friendly, socially active, and intellectually engaged people. While you鈥檙e bound to find many of these folks at the Starbucks on the Marist campus, you are likely to also run into them at any number of . , , and  are all very local to campus and attract the kind of individuals you can be confident will brighten your day.

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Bottom of the State, Top of the Charts

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Best Places to Go in the U.S. in 2023

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World's Longest Elevated Pedestrian Bridge

The appreciation of small-batch craft brews is very much alive in the Hudson River Valley. , located minutes from campus, offers a wide range of distinct styles and seasonal brews. 鈥檚 taproom and farm bar are just across the Hudson, and the most dominant cider innovator and distributor in the world, , is less than an hour from campus. Check out Travel Hudson Valley鈥檚 comprehensive directory of .

Image of two cyclists on the Walkway Over the Hudson

The Marist campus offers a number of outdoor recreational opportunities, like the Fern Tor Nature Preserve and the riverfront Longview Park. But only steps from campus is a world of outdoor experiences. The , the world鈥檚 longest elevated pedestrian bridge, offers stunning views of the Hudson River and surrounding scenic valley. , a Victorian castle resort, is surrounded by 40,000 acres of forest and protected wildlife and is only 20 miles from campus. Whether it鈥檚 hiking, biking, skiing, or climbing, the local Hudson River Valley outdoor life leaves visitors in awe and provides students with unforgettable memories.

Local Accommodations

Perpetually welcoming to tourism, lodging options abound right near campus. From hotels to bed and breakfasts to cozy retreats, visitors can be confident they will enjoy their stay in comfort and style. Browse local .

90 Minutes from NYC

One of the most appealing aspects of Marist鈥檚 campus is its connection to its roots in the beautiful Hudson River Valley paired with its ease of access to the city that never sleeps. Catching a train just off campus offers a scenic ride along the Hudson River to Grand Central Station, where Times Square is at your fingertips, and many Marist students often take advantage of unique excursions and premier internships in the Big Apple.

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